Hope to see some of you July 3rd...I'll be working all weekend so I'll hustle over from Sheboygan for a little while....Ok ,ok the recap: 1970 to 1975 U of Wisconsin (Van Landrum and I roomed together the first 2 years)
75-79 Milwaukee ...wild times (went bowling, etc)
1979 Married Dell ...bachelor days end!
1979 moved to Menominie ,Wis to take dream job
1980 left dream job to follow new dream :opened drug store in Berlin, Wis
1985 adopted Candy
1989 start new job with Walgreens...move to Sheboygan
1989 to 2005 still here (same Bat time/channel): connected with George Steed out in Washington a couple times, and have been able to connect with Van Landrum a couple of times, most recently at his home outside Dallas.