I'm not going to go into why but suffice it to say, at the time of my name change according to law I was still considered a minor and someone over 21 had to initiate it. Once it was done, I was told it would be too difficult to go back, thus I never did.

Briefly I became a Pro Basketball Coach in 1981 and spent several years as a head coach in Glasgow Scotland, Birmingham England and Barcelona Spain. In 1986 I joined the Los Angeles Lakers as an assistant coach / scout and additionally coached an NBA all-star team in the LA Summer Leagues from 1986-1988. In 1990 I left the Lakers and went back to being a head coach in Puerta la Cruz Venezuela, and in 1991 Durango Mexico. I joined the Indiana Pacers for the 91-92 season as a scout but was promoted to the bench when the head coach got fired. I remained a Pro Basketball Coach on various teams until 2000 when I stopped because one of my sons who was 9 at the time suffered separation anxiety while I was in Hong Kong representing the U.S. in the Goodwill Games.

Since 2000, I have transitioned into radio / television having had my own talk show in Sarasota Florida and host of a radio sports talk show as well. Between 2001-2009 I was the "voice of the Cincinnati Reds" during spring Training and from '09 - current , do the same for the Pittsburgh Pirates in Bradenton.

I have authored 11 manuals ranging from NBA offenses to Pressure Defenses and Special Situations. I have (and continue to do so) given basketball clinics in 17 countries on various topics, and have owned and operated a Summer Pro Camp for college players who have used up their college eligibility and are looking to go overseas to further their career.

My children are Montana (daughter age 25), Dakota (son age 20), and Chance, (son age 10). I recently became divorcd and am currently single residing in Sarasota. Florida.