Hey Paul,

Sure, put me on the list. The "malleygm@aol.com" may need to include my "maiden name" Malone or nobody will know who the hell I am! (Or, "the former artist, formerly known as Malone.") My wife and I did a corporate merger, with the help of a lawyer friend, and combined parts of our last names, MALone and fridLEY and thus the Malley. (Mention the old first name I dumped and let's just say, I work for an Italian company! I CAN have you fitted with cement shoes down at the river! Or maybe a horse head in your bed! TONIGHT!)

I now work in sales, covering a third of the country, representing Freud sawblades, router bits, shaper cutters, etc. for woodworkers, cabinet shops and contractors. (freudtools.com) I just got back from a great week in Italy, touring our manufacturing facilities, near Venice. It's a fun "job" that somebody has to do.

Reading the updates of people's lives since 1970 have been interesting. Jim Machamer is the only person I have seen from our class in over 20 years, except Char at Woodworker's Depot in Green Bay. We "reunited" a few years ago, spent about an hour together in a training session I gave the staff there, and then three weeks later found out via mutual friends that we both graduated from NHS in 1970. The next business trip to wwdepot in Green Bay, Char and I compared lives in high school and realized we really didn't know each other then, either. It was a big class.

I won't make the reunion (I never have been to one yet. Why spoil my perfect attendence record now?) because plans call for our family to get together at our home in suburban St. Louis, MO. My wife Grace of 23 plus yrs, daughter Laura 21 (4th yr this fall at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland), daughter Anna 19 (2nd yr this fall at Loyola University, New Orleans, LA), and son John 14 (freshman this fall at Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood, MO). John and I will do a third trip to Waupaca this summer for a week at the Brigade's Camp Onaway. Our kids love school, just like their mother did!

Paul, you have accomplished an impressive portfolio of artistry, looking at your website. It looks excellent! Do you owe it all to Mr. Kuiekerer (or however he spelled and pronounced it)? I worked in graphic arts for about 5 years, but was itching to move on to more varied careers. Some night I'll do a summary, as others have done, of my ever changing career paths. As Yogi Bera sais, "When you come to the fork in the road, take it." I certainly have!

Is there a way to capture and post all the "life stories" from those on the list? I've read about four or five and see names I can barely pronounce, yet these names occupy a dusty shelf in a distant corner of my pre-elderly brain. A noble effort on your part!


George Malone Malley (that's my legal name now)