My story: Lawrence from '70 to '75, rented rubber rafts on the upper Wolf till '77, married the sweetest woman on earth, joined the Navy, became a bombardier, Sailed the west Pacific, went to Germany from '82 to '88, Virginia Beach to '90, and then out here 20 miles west of Seattle ever since. Daughter born in 83, son in 89. I got out of the Navy in '85, became a Mr. Mom until 96, started teaching 5th grade, and here I am. Claim to fame? We've got a Jr. High project that has kids building airplanes <> . That's a lot of fun. Haven't flown one yet but we're working on it.

Has anyone ever heard from or of Cheryl Champion?

I got a call from Frank Rosinski a couple of years ago. His name is Art Ross now. He coached basketball in Europe for a couple of years and is the commissioner of a semi-pro basketball league in the southeast.

If everybody would hit 'reply to all' and spill, we'd all get some great mail.

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