Okay, here is my story. I, too, have enjoyed this way of getting to know what the rest of you have been up to these past 35 years. I remember many of the names, not the faces. I have to track down my yearbook. Feel like I didn't know very many of you in High School. I was the shy, quiet type. Sad how many of us have been divorced -- I hope the trend reverses itself and that our kids don't have to go through that. Also, I see some of you have found the Lord, which is cool. Some mention retirement --- I must have been young for school - I'm only 52 now -- I figure I'll be working for at least another 12 or so years! I am currently in job transition - I'm sure something many of you have experienced or felt the effects of. Any marketing research needs out there, please let me know.

I likely won't make the reunion, but will be there in spirit. I think I went to the 5 year and 10 year reunions and not since. Bob Wood (oldest friend - since 6th grade) and I have stayed in touch - though don't see each other too much. Yet, when we talk or do see each other, it is cool because we just pick up where we left off. He has a great source of jokes, trivia, etc., -- look him up if you are interested.

I wish you all the best - and I will try to make the next reunion. Let's try to leave this world a better place. Help others whenever you can. We all have special gifts and talents. Discover and use yours. God bless.

1970-1974 Attended University of WI-Madison, BBA in Marketing/Finance. Married Susan Strohm.

1974-1975 Attended Graduate School of Business University of WI-Madison, MBA in Marketing

1976 Moved to Minneapolis area, have lived here ever since. Started career in Marketing Research - focus more on quantitative research.

1980 Divorced

1982 Married Jane Hodgdon, sweetest lady on Earth. Celebrated 23 years last month! Jane is going on her 1st Mission trip next Saturday to Pine Ridge in South Dakota - an Indian reservation. It is the poorest county in the US. This is the 8th year in a row our church has gone there. Jane is also in the Marketing Research area -- in fact that is how we met. I worked for an ad agency which was a client of the company she worked for - and she took my boss and myself out to lunch. Fort the past 20+ years she has had her own business - specializing in qualitative research. So, if you've ever been in a focus group, she is one of the people who moderate.

1983 Daughter Jessica born. She graduated last month from Concordia College in St. Paul, graduated Summa Cum Laude (mother, not me) BA in Marketing Management. She got married 2 weeks after she turned 18, 4 days after 9/11. She is doing well - will be married 4 years this September.

1983 and on My biggest thrill workwise, was working on developing new food products for Land O' Lakes. Don't worry, I am still a big Badger and huge Packer fan. In fact, I had the good fortune to be at the Rose Bowl with my wife Jane to see the Badgers beat UCLA -- when I was in school (UW-Madison), we cheered wildly for a first down. A couple of us (Bob Wood included) vowed that if the Badgers ever went to the Rose Bowl, we'd be there. Well, true to our word, we both went. I also had the good fortune to go to Super Bowl XXXI, with my wife Jane to watch the Packers beat the Patriots in New Orleans.

1987 Daughter Jennifer born. She just graduated from Minnetonka High School this month, turned 18 today (Golden birthday) and is on her way to her first mission trip -- Mexico. Not a bad way to spend your Golden birthday I guess. She is going to be attending Bethel College in St. Paul this Fall. Seemed like they had a very special class, bonding, close -- part of this could be the fact that most of the time they were in High School was post 9/11 -- and the world sure has changed since then, hasn't it?

1990 Found the Lord and have been walking with Him ever since. Always a church goer, but an acquaintance invited me to Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) an international organization -- would be available in the bigger cities. I've been going ever since. In 1995, they started a Children's program (1st - 6th grades) where the children would study the same lessons as their Dad or Mom. I have been a Children's teacher ever since - 9 years. Jennifer went the whole time - since it was available when she was in 4th grade (for 9 years)-- a year or two after it started, they added 7th-8th grade, and then later High School -- so they have 1st -12th grade. Jake (my son) has gone with me for 7 years (since he was in 1st grade). Now my wife Jane is a Children's teacher as well. Please see the website: www.bsfinternational.org

This same acquaintance also told me about Northern Pines of Minnesota, a non-denominational Christian family camp - a vacation with a purpose - on the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva in WI. Well, we started going there in 1990 and have also been going ever since -- our 16th year this July. Please look at their website as well: www.npines.org

Further activities in my walk include Unidos en Cristos (Cursillo) - a long weekend program in experiencing Christ; church; and Promise Keepers, etc.

I encourage you all to find the Lord, if you haven't. Let me know if I can help.

1992 Son, Jacob (Jake) born. He just finished 7th grade and is going to be tall -- like 6' 5". He is Mr. Athlete - baseball, football and basketball.