Hi Everyone--Judi Brown here. As I look back at the pics from the 1980 renunion--who are all those people! Am sure the past years have been great for most of us. Would be interested to know if anyone has any tabs of classmates we have lost. Whenever I came home and went to the grocery (or liquor) store, I always wondered why I never ran into anyone I knew! Would always get together with Shirley (lippert) Gerrits as they still live in the area. And occasionally Mary Seymour ( can't rememer her married name, she has been married to Gary since HS). Living in Washington makes it a real challenge to be a Packer fan, but I have succeeded. A friend works for a company with season Seahawk tickets, so we get the Packer games!!! My cheddar head usually gets me alot of attention. Even brought our friends back for a quick weekend last year for a game-sure sucked that the Bengals beat them! And yes, did have to deal with the Mike Holmgren frenzey here. My Mom passed away in Feb, so trips maybe a little less frequent. Still have a sister in Neenah and one in Oregon. Here is a short update of my last 40yrs.

1970-1975 worked for Dr. Jacobi and medical office in Winneconne

1975-1977-off to nursing school, Rochester School of Practical Nursing, Rochester, MN--then worked @ Madison General in the Nerulogical ICU

1978-Headed to Santa Clara, Ca even ran into Jane Beyer at a mutual friends party!

1979-Met Mike (current hubby) on a blind date, moved to Washington

1982-said the "I do's"

1984 daughter Kala born, still working part time in a Family Medicine office

1992 had brain surgery, (AVM) turned 40 and drove a station wagon. Continue to play on a womens soccer team, coach an also ref soccer

2005 made a career change to Thrivent Financial. enjoyed 5 years of financial and insurance world. Wish I knew what I know now 40years ago!!!!!! Trained and participated in a Danskin tria-athelon. Everyone should make a career change at least once in a lifetime!

2010 Mike takes "early retirement" from Weyerhaeuser due to the colapse of the wood industry on Grays Harbor. ( so why aren't you all building new homes anymore !!)

Daugher and family are educators and are not appreciated in the NW! So they head to Texas where Jesse is a high school math teacher and football coach. Kala subs and takes care of our precious granddaughter, Madison. So needless to say, our frequent flyer miles are used!

Have other empty nester girl friends that I golf with and also involved with P.E.O. who has time to work !!!

Hope to see more of you on this pathway page---come to the NW and look me up !


Judi (Brown) Hubbard