I have been in touch with only a couple of you over the years, and even
that has not been regular...Sorry about that. Neenah seems rather far
away - although until recently, our family went to Door County with my
parents ( both now deceased) and my bother's family, usually over the 4th of July. We hope to get back to that habit we love Door County. Since attending Lawrence, I lived in the San Francisco area ( brief marriage toTad Brockie). I am married to Bill Klitgaard ( 1980 ) and we have a son named Miles, who will be a senior in high school in the fall.While we lived in the Bay Area, I worked for Nuveen Investments as the Northern California branch manager but "retired" in 1994 ( investment banking is a grind and the municipal bond 'cache' had begun to dwindle) In 1996, we moved to Princeton, New Jersey ( rather reluctantly ) so that Bill could join Covance as CFO. We love this area, and have made many friends. I joined the Newcomers group at the YWCA, and fell into a group of 20 or so women. One thing led to another, and we now play couples pinochle one Saturday a month ( some call it cards with wine) and most of the group will be going to Italy in the fall ( after school is in session and we know where our kids will be during the day!) Until recently I was mostly doing volunteer work and sitting on the YWCA Princeton board. But a couple family trips to Provence, France ( guilty parents wanting to keep Miles French language alive after pulling him out of Ecole Bilingue in Berkeley when we moved) has led to a new business with Lawrence best friend, Kristen Lahner ( Stillwater Minnesota). Basically we found a woman in one of the markets in Provence who made table linens,
and after some thought returned to ask her if we could represent her in the US. So a new business for me and a travel plus, as we "have" to go to France a couple times a year to meet with our linen supplier. :) We have a website ( a work in progress) if you are interested in seeing what we are up to: www.linensbyghislaine . This summer we will go to the Atlanta and NY Gift Shows and see if we can grow the business by focusing on retail store buyers.
That is probably WAY more about me than you all care to hear. I will say
that I have enjoyed hearing from many of you and think it would be fun to catch up at a reunion some time. This year is impossible but many the next time. Princeton is 1 hour out of Philadelphia and 1 hour from NYC so if any of you are in the area and want to catch up please le me know. Coleen, thank you for starting all of this and your plans for the future sound great. Wishing all of you the best, Judy Huus Klitgaard