hello to everyone. This is a great idea to keep in touch.

Here is my long dragged out story

74 married Eva Anderson.
77 Son Kelly was born and in 80 we went our separate ways.
in 81 remarried a wonderful woman name Julie and had a son John in 97 and a second son, Devan in 94.

Alas, some things are not meant to last, and Julie and I went our separate ways in 96.

Kelly took on the world and found the world is bigger than he thought and is beginning to settle in life, though we don't keep in touch very often
John is struggling with Ausberger's syndrome and life, but hopefully will find his way.
Devan is a 14 year old hockey nut and he and I spend most of the winter traveling to games or tournaments.

I have driven truck, work for truck leasing firms, built houses, until I went back to Milwaukee School of Engineering in 92 and started working for Pierce Mfg in 95. I have moved from assembly, to the Electrical Engineering Dept, then on to Sales Engineer.

I am with a good woman now named Gerry and we visited her son and daughter last month in Europe *Her son graduated from the Air Force Academy and is now an A 10 pilot in Germany. Her daughter married a F 16 pilot and lives in Italy.

I still have not totally departed from Neenah but we are looking to move to NC in about 4 to 5 years. Gerry owns and is renting a house in Elizabeth City.

Whew. glad that's done. Best to everyone and look forward to seeing those who can make it to the get together in Neenah in July.

Karl Kuether