Hi, everyone:

What a great way to connect again! Unfortunately, won't be at the reunion this year. Here is a brief summary of life since 1970.

1970 - 1974 - Concordia College, Moorhead, MN - Bachelor of Music (married in 1973 and divorced in 1979.)

1976-1978 - Hartt College of Music, U. of Hartford, CT. (Master's Degree in Opera)

1979 - Moved to NYC to pursue singing career. Performed leading roles in operas, musicals and operettas all over the U.S. and Canada. (Should come as no surprise to anyone who remembers the musicals at Neenah High and the choir!)

1981 - Met my future husband on a tour and married in 1983 - http://www.craigschulman.com/.

1985 - Matthew Schulman arrives - finished sophomore year at Penn State majoring in business. President of Fraternity - Chi Phi.

1989 - Eric Schulman arrives - finished sophomore year of high school.

1992 - Jenna Schulman is born - dies in 1998.- http://www.jennasdream.org/.

1999 - Maya Li Schulman - adopted in Shanghai, China. Finished kindergarten.

Have been teaching voice since 1987 (have a studio at home - Yorktown Hgts, NY and in Manhattan) and running my own artist management agency since 1998 - http://www.monicarobinsonltd.com/.

Life is busy as you can see. Glad everyone is doing well and that you have all found your paths in life.

Keep the separation of church and state intact and vote for the political 'leaders' (I use the term loosely!) who will keep our children out of wars, out of debt and protect our environment!

Love to all,