Graduated from high school in 1970, continued to work at grocery store. Draft lottery number was 38 of 365 so decided to get it over with, two years army,Missouri, Oklahoma, and then Germany. Was with Pershing nuclear missle crew. Have some stories there, what do you expect when you have 17-21year olds playing with nuclear toys???? The nukes are no longer over there thank goodness!!
Married in 1974, Sally Dobberpuhl class of 72 Neenah. Continued to work at grocery store while going to college on G.I. bill from 1975-1979. First was born 1979, Adam, John in 1981,Kayla in 1983.
Bachelor of fine arts degree in commercial art, have been free-lance for 27 years. Mostly illustration, photography and retouching. been on computer over thirteen years now, also do digital video, 3D animation, and some special effects.

Still in Neenah, not a bad place, people keep moving here, must be a reason!

Things were much simpler before computers, but keeps me interested.
Also enjoy writing letters to newspaper editors and giving my opinion. Had one published Nov.4th, 2001 in U.S. News and World Report magazine about so-called "Holy War".

One of my projects from summer of '06 Scroll down for story on this one!
Materials for martini fountain ran about $225.00, my labor ?????????? The only plans I had

were in my head.Got a little dicey towards the end, making the water cascade from glass

to glass work. Touch the shaker and a 12V halogen with dimmer comes on for at night.

Not shown are oversized acrylic ice cubes in each, look so real people just have to touch to see.

The real story happened when I was doing patio brick work, July 31, hottest day of the year,

100 degree day, humid. Started brick early, then took first bike ride workout of the day.

Two weeks previous got stung on stomach from wasp near end of ride, no big deal,

been stung many times. That day, same exact thing, same part of ride, same spot on

stomach, talk about Deja Vu. Got home and started to go into anaphylactic shock.

One does not build up immunity from stings, just the opposite!!!

Bridge over river to hospital was being worked on so got snarled in detour traffic,

they did their thing at hospital. Got back, did 5 hours of brick and took second bike ride.

Amazing what steroids can do!

The only drawbacks to the fountain and the trickling water sound off of the glasses,

is that it makes everyone thirsty, and the ladies use the bathroom more often !!!!!! :-)

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